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What is PARS-EcoTech?
PARS-EcoTech is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of a new generation low-power consumption air conditioners.
Why air conditioning is important?
All human-made spaces need to be provide with an ideal environment for work and life and rest. The most important point for the welfare of every space is the environmental conditions of the air inside of it. The most important factor is the air temperature beside of air freshness. The ideal space temperature for humans is 22 to 25 degrees Celsius. Architects and builders have always been looking for a way that they can keep the space temperatures in place with different devices to provide the ideal environment. One of the most important ways to do this is choosing the right air conditioner for any space.
Why low-power consumption?
Because power generation is costly, it sells expensive to consumers. Unfortunately, the final monthly bill is a significant part of the monthly cost of a home or a business office or workshop. So today, everybody is looking for a way to reduce power consumption. In this regard, various devices design and deliver to the market every day. For example, LED bulbs now has already replaced with old lamps because of their low electricity consumption. However, what about low-energy air conditioning? What did we do about that? How many times have you wanted to turn on the cooler but have you dropped out because of fear of electricity bill? How many times have you seen working or living spaces that have installed a cooler or a heater but prefer not to turn it on because of high electricity bill? We have a solution for you. From now on, you can turn on your own PARS-EcoTech cooler or heater and never turn off..!!
How much is consumption of these coolers?
Very low and incredible consumption. More than 90% less than ordinary A/C’s. For example, a cooler for 70 to 100 square meters with power consumption equivalent to one or two lamp bulbs..!!

How much is water consumption of these coolers?
Still very little. For example, on the warmest day of the year and in the warmest hours of the day, it is about 8 to 10 litres in an hour. Same as the water that wastes by pressing the flush discharge button of the toilet tank once..!!
Are these coolers also capable to work with solar energy?
Yes. We are proud to announce that these systems are the only type of air conditioners that can power by solar power because of their low-power consumption.

Have these coolers other advantages other than low-power consumption?
Yes. The greatest benefit of this cooling system is that the air inside of your space regularly replace with fresh air. In fact, the fresh air takes from outside and cools down and send to inside, then the hot and stale air goes out of space from window. This is very important for human health, because in other type of air conditioners, it only circulates inside and after a few hours, space is suffering from lack of oxygen and comes headache

Should windows be close when these coolers work?
No. The biggest advantage of these coolers is that the doors and windows can be open and the air is flowing. Of course, for a better effect, just one window or door must be open in the entire space so that the air goes from that window out and the entire space cools alike.

Do these coolers refresh the air?
Yes. Frequently new air enters space. Oxygen will be sufficient in space. In addition, odors and pollutants, smoke, the smell of cooking and other harmful and negative particulars in the air go out of space quickly. By doing so, also the growth of microbes and bacteria in space decreases.

Do these coolers create moisture?
Yes, these coolers moisturize with air-cooling, which is very good for people's health and breathing.

Can this moisture be annoying?
No, because the air inside is constantly changing, and fresh air is constantly entering space, and the stale air goes out of the window. Therefore, the moisture inside will not increase. However, in high humidity air conditions, during days or hours with air humidity above 80%, you can shut off the water pump and prevent moisture build-up.

How do you care and keep these coolers?
Very simple. It does not require much maintenance and Service. There is no compressor. There is no gas. There are no fees for the annual launch. Very cheap spare parts and their replacement are very simple.

Are these coolers use only for homes?
No, large parts of these coolers are industrial and commercial, can use in agriculture and greenhouses, livestock, dairy, stables and poultry. While there is no other solution for these spaces.
Are these coolers produce in several models?
Generally, these coolers divide into 2 parts: Air conditioners with permanent installation in the buildings and portable air conditioners for indoor and outdoor spaces.

How many types are coolers with permanent installation?
Two types:

1- coolers that mount on the roof. Depending on the type of space, these coolers can work with channels or without channels.

2- coolers that can easily install on the wall or window and do not require channel.

How many types are portable coolers?
Two types:

1- Small models that are most used at home and at the office.

2- Large models that are commonly use industrially and commercially. They can use for all industrial spaces such as repair shops, warehouses, manufacturing workshops, and in the poultry industry. Meanwhile, these coolers are the only solution to cool the exterior spaces in the world. Similarly, they can use in outdoor spaces such as restaurant terraces, recreational and sports clubs, and so on.

               What is PARS-EcoTech low-energy consumption heater?
Each heater is enough to heat up to 20 square meters of space. Naturally, for larger spaces, a heater will add for every 20 meters. The consumption is very low about 250 watts. While similar heaters are about 2,000 watts. In fact, it consumes 90% less electricity. The output temperature can be adjust from 15 to 32 degrees Celsius. It’s heating system based on Thermo-ceramic and convection. It is very small, lightweight, and easy to carry around with personal belongings. It connects directly to the wall outlet. It has Remote control. Its fan has two speed and has a customizable shutdown-timer for 1 to 12 hours.
Are PARS-EcoTech products have warranty?
Yes, all of PARS-EcoTech products have the latest international standards including CE and they have 2-years warranty plus 5 years after-sales service.
We claim that have solutions for all of your spaces
We claim to reduce power consumption
by up to 90% for cooling and heating your spaces
We claim that we bring health to your spaces

Use less energy with our products
Pay lower for your electricity bill
Affect your health, the environment, and the planet positively

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