PARS EcoTech Company is a technical / trading company doing Industrial consultancy, while is the exclusive agent of some renowned reputable main brands, mainly in FoodTech and Biotechnology, machinery, technology, processes and ingredients for the food and beverage industry.
These are all of our fields of activities:

Consultation & Presentation of Industrial Projects

Providing consultation on different industrial fields to entrepreneurs and owners, also providing feasibility study reports on their nominated topics/projects, through professional & well-experienced experts and efficient computer software.

Installation & commissioning of foodstuff industry process lines

Supervision and implementation of steps of installation and commissioning of foodstuff processing lines and green houses through our professional teams of engineers/experts/technicians, who are educated/trained at European high ranking/famous manufacturers, approved by them.

Industrial manufacturing plants sourcing

Foodstuff processing: Wheat Starch, Potatoes Starch, Corn Starch, Roots Starch, Glucose, Fructose and their derivatives, Bulky Breads, Dairy Products, Potato Chips, Chocolate, Tomato Sauce, Ketch-ups and Mayonnaise, Salt Purification and Production, Lactose and Casein, Pectin, Essential Oils, Extracts and Concentrates, Algae Processing, Dried Yeast, Molasses

Liquid Food:
Fruit and Vegetable Juices and Extract, Malt Drink and processing it’s waste, Soy Drink, Coffee and Tea Extracts

Edible Oils:
Olive Oil, Grapes Seeds Oil, Palm Dates Seeds Oil, Avocado Oil, Fish Oil, Gelatins

Ethanol Alcohol and Fuel Ethanol

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