Type 3: fixed on wall or window

Low consumption air conditioner for wall or window mounting

Energy efficiency class A +++

- Very low power air cooler, can be installed in wall and window, cools up to 90 m2.

- The consumption is very low and incredible, equal to a light bulb .. !!

- Can be used in homes (bedroom, living room or kitchen), offices, shops and industrial space, etc ...

- Do not close doors and windows, leave them open, this cooler can cool the outside air and introduce it into your room and expel the hot and stale air. With this, you always have fresh air and oxygen in your room.

- Installation is very easy.

- Equipped with remote control and digital screen

- With possibility to connect with solar system


Model: WM-6
Type: fixed on wall or window


Air flow: 6000 m3 / h
Consumption: 220 w
Speed: 3
Pressure: 57 Pa
Area: up to 90 m2
Water tank: 10 L
Water consumption: 8 - 10 L / h
Fill the water: with tube
Control: Remote
Extra: air temperature display - auto swing
Dimensions: 118 x 86 x 25 cm
Net weight: 35 kg
Certificate: CE / ETL


Energy efficiency class A +++
- Cools an area of ​​up to 90 square meters
- The low profile cabin is 25 cm deep and does not obstruct the exterior area
- Protection in case of water cut
- Powerful fan motor with three speeds and load overprotection.
- Direct drive fan for greater efficiency
- Easy to install on most windows and walls
- The transition duct supports the unit, without the need for additional structural support
- The stabilized UV polymer will make the cabin never rust
- Remote control and LCD display and control
- Uses the electrical standard and plumbing connections
- Cooling mode and ventilation allows the option of cooling by water flow and fan operation

Dimensions of the product:
- Dimensions of the window section: height = 55 cm, width = 55 cm, depth = 26 cm
- External dimensions of the furniture: height = 118 cm, width = 86 cm, depth = 25 cm

What is WM-6 ?

How does WM-6 work?


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