Fresh air

Fresh air is one of the main benefits of the evaporative cooler that you will be able to experience. There is no doubt that a strong and consistent air flow through your home helps eliminate airborne pathogens.
When the age of the air in your home is younger, the possibilities are reduced to breathing stagnant air that has accumulated bacterial or fungal concentration.
Evaporative cooling helps with increasing humidity when you live in a dry climate and will help you breathe better.

What many people do not know is that the pad in evaporative coolers also serves as an effective filter (as long as it is properly maintained and clean), which can help trap airborne contaminants before moving on to the lungs.

They can even help remove pollutants from urban ozone in the air, no matter how dry the weather is. These pollutants tend to be very abundant in dry climates. In general, with renewed air you will live healthier and have less respiratory diseases. This is especially useful if you live with someone who has asthma or who has an upper respiratory illness.

In these cases, it is especially important that these individuals breathe clean air otherwise, their conditions could worsen.

Minimum operating costs

One of the best benefits of the evaporative cooler is that it will drastically reduce the operational costs that are required.

Since these systems only require enough electricity to power your pumps and fans, you will end up paying around 50% less in operational costs each month.

Conventional air conditioners require a large amount of electricity, mainly because they have many different parts, including compressors, pumps and air blowers.

Even air conditioners could not be fixed after they have been brought down. In the long run, you can save a significant sum of money on an evaporative cooler in your home.

Easy to maintain

Evaporative coolers not complex in design. Its two main parts are the water pump and the fan motor, which can be easily replaced if they go badly. Also today with so many videos tutorials and guides on how to solve these problems on the internet you can even fix it yourself.

The parts of the evaporative cooler are not complicated to change or expensive, which is important if any part breaks.

In most cases maintenance is only required twice a year more or less depending on the frequency of use.

If you decide to do your own maintenance you will be happy to hear that it will be quite simple.

Some of the things that you need are to eliminate old parts and replace them with new ones, draining and cleaning tanks, cleaning pump screens, replacing the pipe, or adding motor oil. All these maintenance steps are simple and will take up little time of your day. If you decide to hire someone to perform the maintenance you will be happy to hear that it will cost you very little.

Economical to install

The cost associated with installing an evaporative cooler is very cheap compared to the cost associated with installing a regular air conditioner.

Add moisture to the air

You will help increase the amount of moisture in the air. For people who live in dry climates, this can be exceptionally useful. One of the main drawbacks of conventional air conditioners is that they really eliminate moisture from the air. Removing moisture from the air can be difficult to breathe and even make your skin dry and crack.

Eco friendly

Conventional air conditioners dry up the air and expel gases that damage our health and the environment, while cooling by evaporation is healthy for our health and the environment.

This means that the air in the system will be much safer for the environment since it does not contain chemicals that can be released into the atmosphere. It also means that the air from a portable evaporative cooler does not dry the air in your home, does not cause discomfort to the eyes, or make the throat irritate.

The benefits of an evaporative cooler allow you to keep the doors and windows of your house open, without worrying about losing the air flow. The air released from these systems will never recirculate and replace stale air hundreds of times every hour.

Low CO2 emissions

CO2, also known as "Carbon dioxide" releases a collection of gases that can have a negative effect on the environment, as well as on people.

Evaporative coolers do not release almost any carbon dioxide, while conventional air conditioners can release these emissions in relatively large numbers.

So now you will help the environment by producing less of these emissions and help yourself.

Keep in mind that evaporative coolers have a different range of CO2 emissions, but in general, all of them are kept to a minimum compared to the other cooling systems.

Allows to open the doors and windows

Among the many benefits that you will experience, you should know that you can also leave your windows and doors open while the system is on.

Unlike conventional air conditioners that require keeping windows and doors closed to keep the airflow cool, evaporative coolers provide more flexibility by allowing you to keep everything open.

This ability to leave your home open that evaporative coolers provide is an ideal option as they do not make you feel "trapped".

An additional benefit to this is that the air in your home is less likely to stagnate.

The air that is less stagnant is safer to breathe.

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